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Who make your t-shirts?

All Retro Football Gang t-shirts are made to order by two workshops in Madrid. Jessica has been making t-shirts for over 3 years. For the past year, I have been working with a second workshop, Dani & Noel, which allows me to be more responsive.  It's a 100% Latin production, with a team consisting of individuals from Uruguay, Argentina, and Cuba who fulfill your orders every week.

Why do I do Local Print On Demand in Madrid?

It's not the best solution if you get into streetwear because your margin is less important but I really didn't want to produce more of what I have to produce, even if it means higher production costs.


Moreover, with this process, I can release more t-shirts and therefore satisfy more people. I could have also outsourced production to large workshops, but it's important for me to see the product, to know who is making it, and to involve them in the success of Retro Football Gang as well. Behind the printing of a t-shirt there is a person,I don't want to dehumanize this step.

T-shirt GUTI

How long does it take to get a RFG T-shirt?

It takes 2 weeks for shipments within Europe and 3 weeks for international deliveriesIf you have already ordered from us, you know that the wait times can sometimes be long. Thanks, by the way, to all those who are understanding about it!

We try our best to shorten that.  Solutions will arrive very soon with one more person in the printing of t-shirts and a faster machine! 

Nothing gets thrown away

Sometimes, there are mistakes (order entry errors, wrong colors, too small designs, minor stains, etc.), so instead of trowing the t-shirts, we offer them for sale at discounted prices on our Vinted account.

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