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Why Snoop Dogg is the greatest football plastic fans?

Known by your mother and recognized by his peers as one of the West Coast's most iconic rappers, Snoop Dogg needs no introduction. But do you know the link between Snoop Dogg with football / soccer?

Snoop Dogg Football Shirt

Snoop Dogg Football Shirt Story

Snoop Dogg has developed a unique tradition. At almost every concert he gives in Europe, Snoop Dogg puts on a football shirt from the club in the city where he gives a concert.

So we have a Snoop with the jersey of Real then Barça, PSG then Olympique de Marseille.. A real plastic fan and a tradition that pleases his audience.

We have compiled on our Snoop Dogg Football t-shirt the most beautiful jerseys he has been able to wear in concert, there is everything, even Norwich FC!

Here is pictured the most complete list of football jerseys that Snoop Dogg has proudly worn during his concerts, demonstrating a "passion"... unique much like the Californian rapper.